When you think of the Austrian city of Salzburg, the first thing that comes to your mind is the great classical composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Until today, he is considered as one of the greatest geniuses in music history. His work has left its mark in numerous societies in the world. Incidentally, this also applies to the sweets that he gave his name to in the past. The Mozartkugeln are still a popular souvenir for countless tourists who visit the city near Munich every year. However, not only art and culture shape Salzburg but also beer.

This small country in the heart of Europe has numerous well-known breweries, but Salzburg has quietly developed into the beer capital of Austria. Salzburg has an exceptionally high density of breweries. That shouldn’t come as a surprise though; because beer has been brewed here for more than 600 years. This tradition left its mark as visitors will find no fewer than 13 different breweries around Salzburg.

The city welcomes more than 5.5 million travellers every year. They visit the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the old Hohensalzburg fortress and the baroque town. The high tourist count also maintains an ancient brewing history. Some of the breweries are a hundred years old, but at the same time, a new and young craft beer scene has developed in the city. Beer lovers will find plenty of choices of bars and inns to sample Salzburg’s beers.

Beer Gardens on Every Corner

You can find an exciting beer pub, a brewery bar or a beer garden on a corner of almost every street. The brewery association currently has 13 breweries and 14 home breweries in Salzburg. That is a record and this wide selection is also very much appreciated. It is not for nothing that Austria ranks second with its per capita consumption of beer internationally.

Nationwide, Austria currently has around 300 breweries with a population of 9 million. There are 1,000 different beers. The total amount of beer produced annually is ten million hectoliters. The industry cannot complain about sales as they are consistently stable. According to experts, this is due to the strong regionality and the associated demand for high quality.


The oldest house in Salzburg is the Hofbräuhaus Kaltenhausen. The city mayor Johann Elsenheimer built that in 1475 under the name Kaltes Bräuhaus. Over the centuries, the building was in numerous lordly hands. Not only the archbishop but also several dukes and Emperor Franz I owned the brewery. In the 19th century, an elector turned the house into a regional industrial company that delighted people with its beer for many years. In 2011 the city stopped the operations. A few years later, the establishment resumed production again and today you can find not only traditional beers but also limited specialities here. That includes, for example, a beer that is fermented from the juice of grapes. Numerous restaurants that serve regional specialities ensure that the boom around Salzburg beer does not stop.