The purpose of brewing your own beer

To buy beer in a store and sit down in the sun enjoying it, most of us recognize the feeling of it. Also, the feeling of going to the local pub, listen to some good music and chat with your friends while you drink a freshly tapped beer. But to enjoy a self-made beer with your dinner is not as common. It is however an ongoing trend showing that people are making more of their own beer nowadays. This doesn´t depend on the price level of beer but more on the fun and the satisfaction of creating something of your own.

The easiest way to start is to buy a complete set where you have everything you need together with good instructions on how to go about. This is recommendable as a first step to becoming a homebrewer.

Part mashing and extract brewing  

The most natural way of moving on when you are done brewing your beer batch is to use an extract. When using an extract, you don´t need to cross, mash or leach the malt and can go on to the boiling of the vort. You can do all kinds of recipes for beer and the finest part is that you can do it all at home at your stove. The next part is to do a so-called part mashing. This is where you can refine your recipe to make your home brew even better. You still use an extract, but you spice it up by mashing a special malt in a pan on the side. Both ways demand a pretty large pan since it shall be boiled for about an hour. During this time, you add hops to reach a bitter taste and smell. Through this kind of process, you can reach a heavenly good taste in your beer, as well for day to day drinking as for nice dinners and even for competitions.

The right equipment – a must

To start everything up you need a whole lot. Besides the equipment you can buy as a kit you also need the most important thing is that you can access clean drinking water and a source for heating. Besides this you need a fermentation bucket with tap. The bucket should be at least for 30 litres. A large pan at least 10 litres, but as large as possible. A fermentation pipe is optional, it works as a stench trap to let air out of the fermentation bucket but prevent air from coming in. Of course, you also need cleaning devices to sterilize the equipment and of course something to stir your brew. Last, but not least, you need the o so important thermometer. To get a beer as good as possible you need the temperature to be at the exact level during the fermentation process. If you buy a kit of things for your brew there is probably one in it. There are stores where you can buy kits containing even the ingredients. The price varies but usually it is about 100 Euros.

Whatever way you use, you are going to see that it is both fun and educational to make your own beer. If you fail on your first attempt, don´t give up but learn from your mistakes and your beer will be even better in the end. If your brew becomes a success, keep developing your recipe or try another. Both you and your friends will benefit from your brewing.