The world brewing business is growing every day. The large breweries like Budweiser, Tuborg and Heineken are expanding as we speak. Smaller breweries, so called microbreweries pop up almost everywhere. Even home brewing has increased by the wish of being self-sufficient in the drink of life. You can simply say that the brewing and drinking of beer is steadily increasing in homes around the world. If you, as a small brewery, want to make a name for yourself and your beer you need to find new ways to get into the market. It can be the way you brew, or a new and special taste. To make another simple ale or a light lager and think you will make a hit and sell tons of it overnight. But on the other hand, if you can come up with something unique, that isn´t already in the market, and that has a demand, there is no limit to your possible success. It is all about thinking outside the box.

The Strongest Beer in the World

To present the most potent beer in the market is something many breweries have tried and competed over. It is hard to say which brewery has the strongest beer today since there are always new beers popping up in the market. What can be said is that Brewmeister Brewery is in a good position with their Snake Venom. This beer contains 67.5 percent alcohol and is stronger than most common liquors. Vodka, Whisky or Gin usually contains between 35 and 50 percent alcohol. One bottle of Snake Venom cost about 80 dollars and is very hard to get a hold of in the market.

The Weirdest Yeast Strain in the Beer Market

An expression circulating is that the craftsman put his soul into his work. That can be true. There is a brewery that has taken this to another level. Rogue Ale’s the Beard Beer is a beer where the craftsman literally is in the product. The name of the beer shows that a beard has a significant meaning for the brew. When the brewery was looking for a new source of yeast someone made a joke about the beard of the main brewer John Maiers being a potential place to grow yeast. They made an attempt that turned out to be successful. The yeast produced in the beard was enough to make more than 15 000 bottles.

Odd Tasting

There are hundreds of different strange tastes to beer nowadays. New Belgium Brewery’s has an innovative beer called Coconut Curry Hefeweizen with tastes of coconut as well as curry with a touch of banana. Maple Bacon Coffee porter, Mamma Mia Pizza Beer and Oyster Stout are other beers whose names shows their weird tastes. Among the less odd tastes, that are really good, you find tastes of lemon, ginger raspberry and honey.

Childproof Beer

Hello Kitty has created a number of different beers with Kitty as a logotype. These beers are marketed as fruity with half strength of alcohol as a regular Budweiser. One reviewer describes the beer as a Fanta with a bitter aftertaste of beer. The brewery in San Rio has no plans to take the beer off the market in Asia out into the world yet. On the other hand, you can wonder if it really is suitable to sell beer containing alcohol to children.