Investing in North America

BrewDog, the Scottish brewery, is expanding quickly and is constantly looking for new markets. When they, through their high quality beer, saw that their mercantile sold faster than they could make it, they decided to start a brewery in Columbus, Ohio to lower the cost and make a more profitable way of handling the increased inquiry in the northern parts of America.

The Doghouse – stay at the brewery

The world’s first Craft Beer Hotel is in Columbus, Ohio. Here you wake up to the smell of beer brewing in the middle of the new and modern brewery. The actual brewery is on an area of 42 acres in Columbus. This is where BrewDog makes their Headliner range and limited-edition exclusive beers for the American market. At the brewery you can enjoy the complete assortment and go for a tour of the 6,000 sq. ft interactive craft beer museum. The hotel has 32 rooms and 8 suites. In these rooms you can feel the smell from the brewery, read about the latest in the business and drink beer straight from the tap since every room is equipped with a tap from the brewery. Which beer you get varies with season. In the summer it can be nice to cool down with a light lager as opposed to maybe an IPA or stout is better suited for the winter. There is also Wi-Fi and a big flat screen tv and the minibar contains a collection of BrewDogs finest beers. Apart from all this the hotel is also equipped with a bar with different kinds of activities and games. There is also a small marketplace where you can buy food to bring to your room. Every morning you are served an international beer inspired breakfast. At The Doghouse, your dog is of course more than welcome! If you are allergic you need to contact the hotel in advance to get one of the hypoallergenic rooms.


The museum – a different experience

The museum is, of course, something for you who have an interest in beer. At the museum you, of course, walk about with a beer in your hand exploring things you didn´t know existed and facts on beer that you never could imagine. In the interactive museum you will learn about the process of and get to know and feel different kinds of materials used in the brewing process. The atmosphere is not like you are used to in museums, it reeks of life and movement, you will be intoxicated with what you see as well as what is in your hand.  

To higher grounds

As mentioned earlier in the article, one of the fame factors for BrewDog is customers investing in the company. When doing this you will become an Equity Punk. As an Equity Punk you will have the opportunity to fly with Brewdog Airlines, the company’s own airline, to visit the breweries at another continent. If an Equity Punk from Scotland wants to make this trip Columbus will be the alternative to see the brewery and stay at The Doghouse. For an American the trip will be to Scotland to visit the brewery in Ellon and some of Scotland’s finest and most popular whisky distilleries. At the plane you will be served different beers, one of them especially made to drink on high altitudes. Since the company now is established in Australia as well, the airline is planning to increase it flights to go Down under as well. Maybe you have some money left to invest in beer to be able to make a trip like this!