The start of something big

Two rugby loving-friends, James Watt and Martin Dickie, founded the little brewery called BrewDog in 2006. What started in a very small scale has come to be the biggest independent brewery in Scotland. In the beginning they had two employees and brewed about 105 000 litres of beer. Today the have expanded to about 540 employees and their production is about 13,5 million litres. At first the brewery was situated in Fraserburgh and stayed there until 2012 when they expanded and built a larger brewery in Ellon. The increased production and expansion are financed by selling stocks in the company to its consumers and customers, this project is called” Equity for Punks”. They had big success in northern parts of America where they had customers since the beginning, which led to an establishment in Columbus, Ohio to meet the demands in the USA.

A strong beer gets stronger

BrewDog brews all types of beers, like Lager, Ale, IPA and Stout. The beer is tapped in bottles as well as barrels and is distributed all over Britain and Europe. In November 2009 BrewDog presented a new kind of beer,” Tactical Nuclear Penguine”, containing 35% alcohol. This was, at the moment, the strongest beer in in the world. To reach that level of percentage they used what is called freeze distilled. This, of course, led to other breweries doing the same thing, first a German brewery that made a stronger one that resulted in BrewDog developing” Sink the Bismarck” with 41% alcohol. Again, another brewery made a stronger one to compete with. In 2010 BrewDog then presented” The End of History”, a beer reaching the presumed unbeatable percentage of 55%. Unfortunately, three weeks later a Dutch brewery passed 60%, BrewDog now threw in their towel and didn´t make any attempt to beat this, instead they are happy to be among the highest in the world and being proud of their beers.

Award-winning beer

The brewery business is like all other branches depending on awards and competitions showing their high standards in mercantile. There are lots of awards to compete about. There is probably no brewery that hasn´t gotten some kind of award but some awards and prices are more prestigious than others. The World Beer Cup is a highly prestigious competition and there BrewDog has had many successes. Their first gold medal was achieved in 2008 with their” Paradox Grain”. Their win in the Wood and Barrel-aged Strong Beer Category was the third but finest success for BrewDog. The World Beer Award is a competition held yearly and is presented by Beers of The World Magazine. In this competition BrewDog had their two first successes with their The Physics and Rip Tide. One is a Strong Pale Ale and the other an Imperial Stout.


Marketing and sales

The control authority for the brewerybusiness, Portman Group, in Britain had some complaints about the advertising from BrewDog in 2008. They said BrewDog broke the Code of Practice on the naming, packaging and promotion of alcoholic drinks. Brewdog appealed and meant that the accusations were meant for small breweries and that their expansion was inhibited by it. The conflict lasted for eight months and the decision was positive for BrewDog that were freed on all charges. The brewery then started a bar in Aberdeen that has evolved to a chain with, in 2018, had 44 bars all over the world.