Beer is a beverage with more than 7 000 year of history. Beer is a beverage often containing alcohol. Man has made this beverage for over 7 000 years. It is said that the first beer was made by a bread full of sugar and starch was lying in moist and came in contact with yeast funguses which started a process that created the beverage. The technic of todays brewing is said to have been developed in a convent in the middle age. The biggest success in technics of brewing was in the 18th and 19th century during the industrialization. Today, China is the leading country in brewing beer.

The first recipe

In the beginning beer was made from water and yeast and some starch-based ingredient. Most common was grain but also wheat, corn and rice. Today it is mainly made by hops. Pre hops the beverage was spiced with fruits, honey, berries and different kinds of spices. The beer made today is sorted in different kinds. The most common one is lager, with ale close by. Wheat beer and spontaneously yeast beer are also common in today’s market. Some of the beers are regionally bound and made by the prerequisites of these regions. The way of making beer is called brewing and the alcohol usually comes through the yeast process. Today there are also alcohol-free beers available to buy, something that was unthinkable just 50 years ago. Take this in comparison with the fact that beer has been made for more than 7 000 years.

Beer in the beginning

Almost all cereals containing sugar can be yeast if it comes in contact with yeast funguses. Through this knowledge it became possible to make beverages similar to beer and this kind of brewing is still today developing throughout the world using different kinds of cereals. There have been chemical tests on earthenware from Iran that are 7 000-year-old and they showed traces of beer like drinks. In Gilgamesheposet you can read about beer and this is seen as the first script where you can read about beer. It was written about 2 000 B.C. In the epos it says, “he ate until he was full, drank 7 cans of beer until his heart was light, his face was glowing, and he sang his joy” In Xenofons piece Anabasis, written 300 B.C beer is also mentioned. Beer has a central and important role in ancient Egypt, so important that theories have been presented where assumptions were made that “the manna from heaven” that God spread should have been beer.

Beer today

In several countries breweries came to be the largest export industry. The best example for that is Denmark that is considered a traditional beer country. Today the industry is huge and consists of many multinational companies. The smaller breweries are so many that it is impossible to keep count. The land producing most beer today is China, followed by America. In America they produce about 270 million hectolitres, or square meters if you rather use that as measurement. The people drinking the most beer per capita are the Czechs, they drink about 160 litres per capita and year. This is a stunning figure if you compare with, for example, the Swedes that drink about 55 litres per capita a year. In America there were recently a study on skin problems and beer drinking. It showed that women that drank at least five beers a week doubled the risk of getting psoriasis than women that doesn´t drink beer. The study included 82 000 women and went on for thirteen years.